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Galloping into horse owners' computers with specific interest for Southern California equestrians, the Southern California Equestrian Network www.socalequest.com has officially left the starting gate after a full year of anticipation and planning.  Coming from a proven line of high performance, the Southern California Equestrian Network (also known as SCEN) is a full sister to the highly popular Bay Area Equestrian Network www.bayequest.com (BAEN), which has been trotting into computers for over seven years.

According to Debbie Smith, Manager of both websites, a native Southern Californian and equestrian in her spare time, "We're really excited about the new website.  We have a lot of Southern California equestrians researching and reading the Bay Area Equestrian Network so it was just a natural for us to create the Southern California Equestrian Network.  Each website is unique to its own area yet has information of interest to anyone in the horse industry in California. Together, SCEN and BAEN reach a vast market unmatched by any other regional equine directory.

"Southern California Equestrian Network like its sister site is a genuine community where businesses, organizations and consumers can meet and exchange information.  It provides free business listings, classified ads, an event calendar, bulletin and message boards, news and articles, enhancements and discounts for Members, and effective Internet marketing and website services for equine businesses.  And with our dedicated equine search tools for locating information within our sites, it's easier and quicker for horse enthusiasts to find what they’re looking for close to home," Debbie stated.

The Southern California Equestrian Network www.socalequest.com will provide everything for both horse and rider from 'A' to 'Z', inside, outside, along the trail or in an arena for all breeds and equestrians of all disciplines and talents.  If you want to promote the horse industry in Southern California and on the Internet, then Southern California Equestrian Network wants to partner with you.  For a FREE business listing, classified advertising, or more information on www.socalequest.com, please visit their web site or contact Debbie Smith at info@socalequest.com or toll-free 1-800-943-8883. 


Telephone   800-943-8883
FAX   925-397-6722
Postal Address   Southern California Equestrian Network
4847 Hopyard Road, # 4PMB218
Pleasanton, CA  94588   USA
Email   info@socalequest.com







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