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Overview of Classified Ads Features / FAQ

SCEN's custom equine-specific Classified Ads system enables users to manage their own ads directly via a user control panel, provides advanced search functions to allow users to find specific ads quickly, and includes other helpful features such "SCENmail" which conceals email addresses from spammers. Read our classified ads FAQ, below.

SCEN's database-driven classified ads are self-serve; you can easily post and edit your own text-only and photo ads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a user ID and password.  There is no charge for this service and you won't be added to a mailing list. 
  Don't have a user name and password? Click here to sign up, then click the link "Logon now" on the confirmation screen to access your control panel.

  Already have your user ID and password? Click here to log on to your personal control panel. From this panel you can post and modify your classified ads, business listing, and calendar listings, as well as update your user information.

Please contact us at info@socalequest.com if you need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a paid SCEN member to register and post classified ads?

No, anyone can become a registered user and post classified ads regardless of membership status. Registration and text-only ads are free of charge. We do charge a fee for posting photo ads, payable on-line by credit card or PayPal. Note: Advertised horses, items and services must be located in California unless otherwise specified. 

Am I going to get a bunch of spam or junk mail from SCEN if I become a registered user or post a classified ad?

The answer to this is No and Maybe.  (1) No: Registered Users will not be added to an advertising mailing list. Registered users may occasionally receive emails from SCEN alerting them to important user issues. Unlike many web directories SCEN does NOT participate in direct email marketing to users or members, nor do we sell or share your contact information with others. Please see our Privacy Policy.  If you choose to include an email link in your ad, your actual email address will be concealed. (2) Maybe: While SCENMail conceals your address from harvesting programs, remember that our site is open to the public. This means that if you include an email link in your ad, anyone can manually click on that link to send you a SCENMail message. 

Do the classified ads provide any protection against spammers and email harvesting programs?

Yes. email links in the classified ads employ SCENmail. This email system operates from SCEN's server and conceals the address of the recipient while allowing visitors to send email by clicking on a live link. Because your address is invisible, email harvesting programs can't capture it and spammers can't save it to their mailing lists. Note: If you reply to a message sent via SCEN Mail, the recipient can see your address. Even so, we've included a "don't link" box for you to check if you don't want a clickable email link in your ad. If you don't want to include an email link then you must provide some other way for interested parties to contact you, such as a telephone or cell number.

Why doesn't my submission immediately appear in the classified ads after I submit it? 

While our database system gives you hands-on control of your ad, all new submissions are reviewed for accuracy and appropriate placement before posting, just like they've always been. We work hard to review and post classified ads as quickly as possible, so most ads typically appear within a few hours.

How are classified ads displayed and ranked?

Ads are displayed by calendar date in descending order in all ad categories and search results. Member ads have priority and are flagged with the SCEN Member button. Here's how ads are ranked within their calendar date:

 New Ads submitted on same date:
            Member photo ads
            Non Member photo ads
                Member text ads
                Non Member text ads
 Ads revised on same date:
            Member photo ads
            Non Member photo ads
                Member text ads
                Non Member text ads

For more information on Member benefits please click here or write to info@socalequest.com

I cant see the ad navigation links / Classified ad links aren't working / I see blank spaces instead of text 

Your Internet Protection Software, Ad Blocking, or Anti-Popup software is the likely culprit. Many individuals and business networks are using Internet protection/ad blocking software such as Norton NIC, Google, etc. and leaving all default features turned on. These ad-blocking programs can interfere with your ability to navigate this and other commerce web sites by hiding and disabling legitimate links. Our site has been tested on Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera. If you're using a different browser such as Safari (Mac) and encounter difficulties while browsing our site, please let us know then contact your browser manufacturer for assistance.

I forgot my password / user name / password question.

Click here to retrieve your password on-line.  Can't remember your user name or password question? Send your request to info@socalequest.com.

I have a question / comment / technical support issue.

Please write to us any time at info@socalequest.com with questions, comments and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. 

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